Salvador Dalí

Salvador Dalí

Meet the art of Andy Warhol - I'm OK exhibition is opened!

A new exhibition of Andy Warhol - I'm OK in the Renaissance palace U Bílého jednorožce (at the White Unicorn) close to the Old Town Square is opened to the public from June 13th. This is the first exposure that takes place in the renovated exhibition area of the palace after it's recent reconstruction. The exhibition will present American pop-art icon Andy Warhol and his unique collection of work. A part of the exhibition is also a replica of one of artist’s famous factories, where everyone can try screen-printing Warhol’s motifs.

The exhibition Andy Warhol - I'm OK, to be held at the Gallery Of Art Prague, presents the wide spectrum of creations of this unique artist. Together with his classical works like Mao, Flowers, Marilyn Monroe and Campbell's Soup, that belong to the Series called Sunday B. Morning, you can also see an exquisite hand-painted version of “Flowers.”

Visitors will also have the opportunity to see a unique collection of about 40 LP covers designed by Andy Warhol in 1949 - 1987 published as a book in 2008 by Paul Maréchal. Andy Warhol - I'm OK exhibition intends not only to introduce to the visitors famous works, but also to surprise them with a unique collection of these LP covers.

One of the attractions is also a screen printing workshop a-la Factory, where visitors can try the technology that Warhol used for his work.

The gallery was the first who hosted an exhibition of the collected works of the Czech photographer Jan Saudek. Nowadays it is simultaneously holding exhibitions of Salvador Dalí and Alfons Mucha. Each of these collections includes around 350 works. 

Visitors have an opportunity to see either individual expositions or the whole gallery.


adults 170 CZK / 7 EUR 280 CZK / 11 EUR 350 CZK / 14 EUR
reduced (children 6 - 15, students)  120 CZK / 5 EUR 180 CZK / 7 EUR 250 CZK / 10 EUR
family 2 + 2 (children under 15) 400 CZK / 16 EUR 600 CZK / 24 EUR 800 CZK / 32 EUR
school groups (15 children, 1 adult for free) 90 CZK / 3 EUR 130 CZK / 5 EUR 170 CZK / 6 EUR

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